PTA Job Descriptions

PTA is composed of two leadership groups: the Executive Committee and the Executive Board. The Executive Committee is composed of the PTA President, Vice President of Volunteers, Vice President of Ways and Means, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Communications, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Executive Board is composed of all of the Committee Chairs. 


Executive Committee (Officers)

In addition to the duties listed below, PTA officers (which comprise the Executive Committee) are expected to attend PTA Executive Board meetings, which are held 1-2 times during the summer to plan for the coming year and monthly throughout the school year (typically third Thursday at 5:30). They will also attend any called Executive Committee meetings throughout the year and are expected to staff Open House, Back to School night, and other events. All Executive Committee officer positions are 2-year commitments, except President which is limited to a 1 year term.


PTA President - limited to 1 year term; facilitates monthly PTA Board meetings; maintains communication between PTA and NFE administration; oversees all committees and events; speaks at all meetings of PTA general membership–at Back to School Night and prior to all grade level performances


Vice President of Communications2 year position; manages Membership Toolkit (MTK) Software; assists with training volunteers, teachers, and members as needed on MTK; maintains NFE PTA website (The Fox Den); publishes and emails monthly PTA e-newsletter; manages PTA social media


Vice President of Membership2 year position; conducts PTA membership drive at the beginning of the year; develops membership list for Secretary; conducts an audit of all PTA board members in September (all board members must be PTA members)


Vice President of Volunteers2-year position; assesses volunteer needs in specific school areas and PTA projects; organizes Volunteer Handbook; maintains workroom PTA supplies, front office PTA information table, and volunteer name tags.


Vice President of Ways and Means2-year position; coordinates fundraising efforts for the NFE PTA; manages the Annual Fox Fund by soliciting, tracking and reporting donations; coordinates with Book Fair, Spirit Wear, Spirit Night, Box Top, Business Rewards, and additional fundraising programs.


Secretary2-year position; keeps accurate minutes of the PTA Executive Board and Committee meetings. Also, maintains an official copy of the current PTA Bylaws.


Treasurer2-year position; keeps accurate and detailed account of all monies received and paid out; presents financial statement at every PTA meeting; establishes and submits a budget for the board and membership approval; pays bills as authorized by the bylaws; maintains bank accounts; and works closely with other committee chairs in dealing with check and cash receipts from fundraisers.


Executive Board (Standing Committee Chairs)


PTA standing committee chairs are expected to attend PTA executive board meetings which will be held during the summer to plan for the coming year and monthly throughout the school year (typically third Thursday at 5:30) and, when relevant, report on their committee’s activity. Executive Board members will be asked to staff Open House, Back to School night, and other events requiring volunteer support. Standing committee chair positions are a 1-year commitment.


After School Enrichment - 2+ Co-Chairs

  • Determines classes to be offered and works with vendors
  • Coordinates dates and offerings with school principal
  • Coordinates registration and payments.
  • Manages program logistics
  • Assigns parent volunteers
  • Attends each day of after school enrichment to ensure volunteer support and smooth operation (can split between chairs)


Art Room

  • Creates volunteer sign-ups on The Fox Den as needed for Mrs. de Nijs
  • Recruits volunteers to prep art supplies prior to projects or help with art show set-up
  • Assists with Square 1 art fundraiser (every 2 years in fall of odd years)


Back to School Boxes/Welcome Gift

  • Coordinates orders for school supply boxes for the following year in the spring before school ends
  • Coordinates ordering and assembling of PTA welcome gifts for students (notebooks/folders/assignment books) over the summer 


Book Fair

  • Coordinates book fair at Barnes & Noble in the fall
  • Coordinates in-school book fair in the spring
  • Recruits and coordinate volunteers to help with book fair



  • Creates and manages schedule for cafeteria volunteers through The Fox Den


Community Outreach

  • Coordinates efforts to support the NFE community
  • Fosters relationships with Johnson Elementary and other community partners



Drama Club

  • Supports the Drama Club by coordinating volunteers and supporting Drama Club activities and productions


County Council

  • Attends all Henrico County Council of PTAs meetings
  • Prepares report of the Secretary
  • Reports issues to the NFE PTA Executive Board


Fall Family Picnic Coordinator

  • Coordinates the fall family picnic in September
  • Schedules food trucks, DJ, etc. for event
  • Coordinates any volunteers needed for set-up, clean-up, etc.
  • Develops and distributes advertising for the event (social media & flyers) 


Fall Festival Coordinator - 2 Co-Chairs

  • Coordinates the annual Fall Festival held in October or November
  • Manages committees such as games, refreshments, set up, clean up, etc.
  • Coordinates a large volunteer effort to staff event.
  • Reaches out to the community for corporate sponsorship to increase fundraising
  • Manages committee for silent auction


Fifth Grade Coordinators

  • Organizes Fifth Grade Luau including securing location; coordinating decorating, prize, food, and other committees; organizes volunteers for setting up, running event, and clean up
  • Coordinates Fifth Grade graduation with Fourth-grade room parents serving as the reception hosts


Gardens & Grounds

  • Maintains the garden and grounds at school
  • Organizes work days and volunteers



  • Coordinates monthly Teacher Luncheons at the school
  • Manages volunteers who sign up to bring food/supplies and set up/clean up
  • Coordinates with Community Outreach committee for events at Johnson Elementary
  • Coordinates Teacher Appreciation Week


Lay Advisory

  • Serves as a representative to the School Board
  • Attends monthly Lay Advisory meetings
  • Reports issues to the NFE PTA Executive Board


Library/Media Center

  • Creates and manages schedule for library volunteers through The Fox Den


Math Night

  • Coordinates evening Math Night event (typically held in January)
  • Works with Mathnasium and Mrs. Shrader to organize event



  • Coordinates with principal on wording and update marquee with school messages each month
  • Recruits, trains, and schedules volunteers as needed


Open House 

  • Plans and coordinates the back to school open house event (typically held the week before school begins)
  • Recruits PTA members and volunteers to staff the event
  • Coordinates with school administration, Spirit Wear, BTS/Welcome Gift, and VP of Membership for event



  • Sends out communications in May before school ends and maintains a box in the office for summer entry drop offs
  • Coordinates the PTA Reflections program and reception for students each fall
  • Works with the VP of Communications to send out regular updates to promote the program at NFE


Room Parent Coordinator

  • Coordinates assignment of room parents for each classroom
  • Communicates important information to room parents throughout the year


Spirit Nights

  • Contacts local businesses to coordinate spirit events to benefit PTA
  • Makes, copies, and distributes flyers and other communication prior to events


Spirit Wear

  • Manages spirit wear and Field Day T shirt sales, ordering, and distribution
  • Works closely with Vice Presidents of Ways and Means to achieve yearly fundraising goals and to determine the type of spirit wear which will be sold
  • Coordinates development of Field Day T shirt art work with the school’s art teacher


STEAM Night 

  • Coordinates spring event (usually in March) with Ms. Claytor
  • Schedules food trucks for event
  • Coordinates volunteers for set-up, help during event, etc.


Turkey Trot 

  • Plans the annual Turkey Trot event in November
  • Coordinates with businesses for food donations
  • Organizes volunteers to set-up, clean-up and help with food during event



  • Creates and publishes the annual yearbook
  • Manages orders and distribution of the books



  • Recruits, trains and schedules volunteers to provide copying, laminating and other clerical assistance for teachers and staff in Workroom
  • Coordinates workroom needs with grade-level teacher contacts