Room parents help to plan and facilitate -with support from parent volunteers - the classroom enrichments and any other extra fun that may come up during the school year. We also support communication of PTA programs and initiatives to be sure families are informed.  From time to time we will be reaching out via The Fox Den platform to ask for donations and volunteers. 



Enrichment Dates for 2023-2024 School Year are as follows:  Grade levels and Teachers will communicate to you which day for their class. 


Fall:  October 30, 31, November 1

Winter:  December 19, 20, 21

Spring:  March 27, 28, 29





Would you like to be a Room Parent?  We like to have 2 per classroom.   Please sign up on the Volunteer Opportunities Form under MyForms if you are interested!

Contact Kim Apollony, Room Parent Coordinator for more information.


  Room Parents Room Parents Room Parents
Mrs. Cornwell  Tara Thompson  Tiffany Collins  
Ms. Meyer  Svetlana K Raab  Nick Clement  Kara Rogers
Mrs. Saunders  Taryn Layne  Kacy Gerst  
Mrs. Stevens  Nenneya Shields  Meredith Martin  
Mrs. Wells  Victoria Hale  Alyssa McNair  
First Grade      
Mrs. Bennett  Sara Powers  Jill Read  
Ms. Cole  Amanda O'Connell  Esra Conway  
Mrs. Hutson  Meredith Bergeson  Lauren Hayes  
Ms. Lee  Erin Barrar  Beth Scott  
Ms. Powell  Carrie Jones  Kristen Hensley  
Second Grade      
Ms. Adams  Carrley Norton  Jessica Querray  
Ms. Blanchetti  Megan Canose  Nicole Barker  Tara Daudani
Mrs. Howell  Haila Duncan    
Mrs. Kirkalnd  Kristen Lorden  Regina Fines  
Ms. Kratzert  Stephanie Doughtie  Rachael Harrell  
Third Grade      
Ms. Fitzgerald  Lindsey Schwartz  Kathryn Ray  
Mr. Janusz  Kelly Winslow  Ann Brock  
Mrs. Knouse  Sara Powers  Amanda Carroll  
Ms. McGregor  Tara Thompson  Claire Earl  
Fourth Grade      
Mrs. Barbee  Katie Carlton    
Mr. Bond  Shannon Boyd    
Mrs. Ciarochi  Magda Morgan  Jennifer Glover  
Mrs. Shrader  Gracie Herbert  Elizabeth Roetger  Kendy Shuman
Mrs. Walker  Kristi Beabout  Melissa Wetzel  
Fifth Grade      
Ms. Bishop  Kim Apollony  Barbara Bliley  
Mrs. Gallagher  Amy Pryor  Debbie Glasser-Fromer  
Mr. Trump  Emily McKinney  Kristen Lorden  
Mr. Wasserman  Michelle Lipawsky  Meaghan Belair  Marianna Jimenez
Ms. Jesseman      
Ms. Kirk      


Contact information for room parents can be found in the directory, accessible to PTA members.